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Healthy Rating for Dalgan River

Renowned marine biologist and fisheries expert visited the Ballyhaunis area recently for a rivers workshop organised by the Ballyhaunis Community Council and the Local Authority Waters Programme.

Former director of the Marine Institute Dr. Ken Whelan led a half day research on the river with locals and Ballyhaunis Tidy Towns committee members, during which many of the invertebrates that would indicate a good water quality were discovered and analysed. It was also apparent during the research that the Dalgan is home to a healthy population of trout.

Dr. Whelan also pointed out that much of the vegetation on the riverbank in the town is good for biodiversity with the exception of a crop of invasive snowberry plants and dying ash trees that need to be removed. It was also pointed out that there is too much silt and algae in some areas of the river.

Following the river tour, participants visited White Lake and Mannin Lake in Annagh to talk about the rewetting and planting of moss.

Also attending the workshop were staff from the Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO), a national shared service working on behalf of all 31 local authorities in Ireland to improve water quality, which sponsored the Ballyhaunis workshop.

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